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My First Time

This will be my first blog entry. I've never written a blog before. This will be my first blog entry. I've written stuff before, just never a blog. Hang on..... let me just check the back of the inside of my pants. I jotted down some notes..... ah, here we go.

People are spending more quality time with their families. This is causing people to fondly recall childhood memories. Let me share one with you. One day when I was a little boy, my mom brought our aunt home to live with us. At first she was very shy around my sisters and I. And she would only eat in the laundry room. During thunderstorms she would hide under the couch. After a while, though, she became less skittish and more friendly. Sometimes at night my aunt would jump into bed with me and begin to lick..... wait..... I'm thinking about the time my mom got us a dog.

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